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Grap a cuppa and join in..Karen

Many of our clients become our friends and like to keep in touch with what goes on Down on The Farm, as well as news from The River. So Keep an eye out here , and stay in touch. I'll update as regularly as our busy lives will allow me!

I was just thinking yesterday how people come and go from our lives and leave a lasting impact on us.  We did a rescue 10 days ago for a solo paddler with another company who got into a lot of trouble on the river, he was amazing he swam 6-7 km to a campsite to get someone to raise the alarm.  We picked him up and the amazing people who raised the alarm gave him clothes to wear and food to eat and they had so little themselves.  WOW.  He lost his glasses and his money, cards everything.  The Local Post Office organised the next day for him to have money sent to them from Germany so he had money.

We went to Hamilton with him to Spec Savers (TeRapa) to order Glasses for him and explained the situation.  They told us that they could not do the Glasses for 3 weeks and he was leaving the Country in 10 days, so the amazing Company provided him free of charge contact lenses until he gets back to Germany.  GOOD ON YOU SPEC- SAVERS in TeRapa Hamilton.

Paul from EPIC TOURS then gave him Transport to the Timber Trail, thank you Paul for taking him and bringing him back.

We said good-bye to our beautiful German man on Sunday and it was really sad to see him go he had fitted into our family so well and he had just been so helpful and willing with anything we were doing.

 Then yesterday afternoon I got the below email from another couple who we will not forget.

 Hello Karen and Ron

We have been reading of our travels on the Te Araroa Trail and remembering what happened day by day a year ago.  Our trip on the Whanganui River was a year ago.  It was a highlight for us, and made more so the generous hospitality you offered us and the warmth of your welcome as you enabled changes to our planned programme.

The whole journey was an adventure and we finished at Bluff in late Mar....on our 45th wedding anniversary.  I mention this because I recall that you had been away to celebrete your (25th?) wedding anniversary.

We want you to know that we remember well the time we spent as your guests (in the King Room, on the river; and being taken to Whakahoro, brought back from Pipiriki, and then delivered again to Pipirki the next day.  Your baking and coffees are legendary, and your advice and experience priceless.

With gratitude

Warwick and Keitha Ross

I am so grateful that we get the Privilege to meet some amazing people in our job that it really makes it a special place to be and live.

Have a Great Day and Take Care

Love Karen and The Family