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How to find us

We are located 3 Kilometres West of Taumarunui on 25 Acres of Farmland, which overlooks the Picturesque Whanganui River and Mt Hikurangi.

If you are travelling South from Auckland, Hamilton or Waitomo:

To reach us, drive into Taumarunui Township, turn right at the Railway Station/Information Centre, follow the road through the Stop sign, and travel over the Bridge. Turn right when the Road ends. This is  Hikumutu Road. We are  3 Kilometres up the Road, with a Blue and Yellow Letter Box, with a  large sign with a canoe above it. Follow the Drive way up to the Top.

If you are Travelling North from the South Island, Wellington, or the Mountain:

To reach us, drive into Taumarunui Township, turn left at the Railway Station/Information Centre, follow the road through the Stop sign, and travel over the Bridge. Turn right when the Road ends.

TAUMARUNUI is in the Centre of the North Island being close to Mt. Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt. Tongariro.

It is only four hours drive from Wellington on State Highway 4, and three and a half hours drive from Auckland.

The nearest large centres are Taupo (1.5 hrs), Rotorua, Hamilton and Whanganui (or Wanganui) all within 2 hours.

Intercity Bus services Taumarunui daily, and a free pickup service is available by arrangement from the Bus, Supermarket or Local Motels.

More Information

• We wont start your journey if we consider the river levels, or weather forecast could make the river unsafe.  We are extra precautious if you are bringing children.   If we cancel the journey before it starts, we will fully refund your deposit.
• You can cancel a confirmed booking and we will give a full refund of your deposit if we receive six days notice.
• We dont normally refund your deposit if we are given less than six days notice, unless there are circumstances beyond your control.
• The deposit may not be refunded should you miss your journey due to late arrival, however we will help rescuedule your journey to another date or time.
• We have the right to cancel your journey at any time if we consider you could be a danger to either yourself or others.
• We give a full safety briefing at our office, both on a white board and a video of the Campsites and the Hazards you need to avoid.  We also give on the water training.
• Included for your journey is easy to read Maps.
• Even if you are staying in the Huts you need to take a Tent for Safety reasons.  The river is very unpredictable and could rise half a metre an hour and should something happen where you wont make it to the Huts, having a tent is added security that you are warm and safe.
• Packing enough food for an extra day will ensure that if you need to stay on the river due to flooding then you will be well fed.
• You need to wear your life jacket at all times while on the river.

If it looks like the river is going to go into flood we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.  You can either postpone your journey or we can refund your deposit.
• Should the river rise to an unsafe level you can stay another night on the river no problem, should you want to be evacuated then the cost of the evacuation is paid by you.
• If the river is dropping and we may be able to put you onto the river we reserve the right to wait until we are sure before we leave for your journey.

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There are many options in the area, including Bed and Breakfasts and Motels.

For a remote and peaceful retreat to stay at, contact:

Riverview Homestay - Our Home away from Home.

We have a King unit with its own deck overlooking the Whanganui River, and a Queen Unit. Contact us at 0800 CANOE4U or