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Your Whanganui River Canoe Adventure starts right here, with us....

AS WHANGANUI RIVER CANOE & JETBOAT OPERATORS we provide canoe/kayak/bike hire and exhilarating Jet Boat Tours. Take a trip through the many rapids and lush native bush with some of the best scenic landscaping in the World, all found on the right here on the incredible Whanganui River.

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A  Deposit of $50.00 is taken to secure your Whanganui Journey (for up to 6ppl).

If you have a larger group we will email you your deposit amount when you enquire.



Our Address is

292 Hikumutu Road

Taumarunui 3992

Our Free Calling number is   0800 226634

Calling from overseas +64 7 8957483

Karens' Cell number 027 2266348

Trip Adviser HALL OF FAME 2019

QUALMARKED  for Canoe Hire and Jet Boat Tours Whanganui River

If you wish to talk with us call: 0800-CANOE4U (0800226634) -From within New Zealand. 

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Why choose us for your Whanganui River Adventure?

Riverside and Town Base
Family owned and operated
Barista Coffee at Briefing
Full Safety Briefing
Muffins and Juice on pickup
Freedom Camping Before and After
Incredible Campsite Views
If you arrive late we will have a tent set up for you*
Council Registered for Catering
Free Safe Car Parking
Experienced Friendly Staff
3x Jet Boats for Tours and Rescues
On the water training
Hire Bikes from Pipiriki to Whanganui
We will Store your Backpacks &
Transport your Bikes and Backpacks to Pipiriki
Quality Modern Equipment
Private Campsite Options
Will do Campsite/Hut Bookings NO extra Fees
Youth not charged as Adults until they're 18yrs

* If you are are arriving late and book a Tent being put up in Advance, we will set tents up at our campsite so your not having to do this in the Dark.

We provide up to date top quality equipment, give, accurate information on Canoeing, & Jet-Boating for the Whanganui River Journey, very importantly we deliver quality Professional & Personalised service.

You will receive Waterproof Barrels, Informative Maps, Life Jackets and our Canoes are some of the newest on the river.          (Every year we average 20 Brand New Boats).

All you have to supply is your Camping Gear and Food. Even then we have every sort of Camping Gear for Hire (If we dont have something you need we live on site, and we have been known to raid our home to get what you need).

You can even hire our bikes and we will bring the Bikes to Pipiriki for you to Bike to Whanganui so you don't have to paddle all the way.

WHY we give you a thorough Safety Briefing at our office is to show you on Video the Hazards and the Campsites, this sets you up for an amazing well informed journey and helps to keep you safe.

We are the only Qualmarked Whanganui River Canoe & Jet Boat Company on the top end of the River for your safety, and if you are paddling with us and a Rescue is required, we have a small Rescue Fee.  If your hiring from another Company, rescue fees will be expensive.

Most of our customers have never canoed, rafted or camped before but thoroughly enjoy their Whanganui River Canoes and/or Kayaks and find it well within their capabilities.

Almost anyone can enjoy one of our journeys including large groups, business trips, families, beginner paddlers, experienced Kayakers and those that like a challenge and loads of fun on the Whanganui River. Your comfort, enjoyment and safety is our main priority. (Ask about an extra day if you would like a really relaxed journey or if you have children.)

Another great thing about doing the Whanganui Journey with us is we have 3 Buses and 2 Vans running which makes it really fast picking up at the Boat Ramp in Pipiriki on busy days.  We have the vehicles waiting at the Boat Ramp and as they fill up we leave with our Customers, so YOUR NOT WAITING AROUND.

WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR PAYMENT IN FULL BE CAREFUL IF ANYONE DOES.  The river is unpredictable and can go into flood overnight, should your trip be cancelled it is easy to refund a deposit in full, but not so easy to refund 40 or 50 people who have paid in full.


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Our Base is 3 km from Taumarunui, perched up on a hill overlooking the Whanganui River, Taumarunui Township and Mount Hikurangi, a very special place to sit and plan your journey. Our emphasis is on relaxation and fun, all in a unique setting.

Our Business is built on us working together as a family to make your holiday as enjoyable as we can and you will be welcomed as part of it right from when you arrive.

Along with Freedom Camping and WiFi you will receive Barista Coffee and a treat with your SAFETY Briefing at our office.  At the drop off point we give you on the water training, and we meet you at the boat ramp with baking and a drink (for multi-day journeys) to welcome you back and say


You are welcome to Hire one of our well appointed GUEST UNITS. You are also welcome to FREEDOM CAMP or park your Campervan on our beautiful grassed area beside or overlooking the Whanganui river FREE the night before or after your journey. There is also a fire pit which you are welcome to light a fire, this will be the last fire you will be allowed to light on the Whanganui River.

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