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NZ (freephone): 0800 226 6348

Mobile: 027 553 8687

Overseas: +64 7 895 7483

Address: 292 Hikumutu Road, Taumarunui 3992

Cancellations and Refunds

  • We wont start your journey if we consider the river levels, or weather forecast could make the river unsafe. We are extra precautious if you are bringing children. If we cancel the journey before it starts, we will fully refund your deposit.
  • Payment for your full journey is due in full 3 days before the commencement of your journey.
  • Should you cancel within 2 days of your journey there will be no refund.
  • If your numbers drop from the amount booked before you do the final payment (due 2 days before
    your journey date), then you wont be charged for that.
  • Should you miss your journey due to late arrival, we will help reschuedule your journey to another date or time.
  • We have the right to cancel your journey at any time if we consider you could be a danger to either yourself or others. We have a minimum number of people for your safety.

Safety on the River

  • We give a full safety briefing at our office, both on a white board and a video of the Campsites and the Hazards you need to avoid. We also give on the water training.
  • Included for your journey is easy to read Maps.
  • Even if you are staying in the Huts you need to take a Tent for Safety reasons. The river is very unpredictable and could rise half a metre an hour and should something happen where you wont make it to the Huts, having a tent is added security that you are warm and safe.
  • Packing enough food for an extra day will ensure that if you need to stay on the river due to flooding then you will be well fed.
  • SOLO PADDLERS: We are unable to put you onto the river if you are alone, if you are in a group and you are an odd number then that is ok.
  • You need to wear your life jacket at all times while on the river.
  • We have a very strict alcohol policy please read your registration form before purchasing a lot of alcohol for the journey
  • Weather Disruption

    If it looks like the river is going to go into flood we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. You can either postpone your journey or we can refund your deposit.

    • Should the river rise to an unsafe level you can stay another night on the river no problem, should you want to be evacuated then the cost of the evacuation is paid by you.
    • If the river is dropping and we may be able to put you onto the river we reserve the right to wait until we are sure before we leave for your journey.

    Camping on the River

    The campsites at Ohinepane, Poukaria, Maharanui, Whakahoro, Mangapapa, Ohauora, John Coull, Mangawaiiti, Mangapurua, Tieke Kainga, and Ngaporo all have rainwater tanks with a sink, a shelter, and a table. If you would like help with the best places to book please give us a call before you do the Booking. Please note: if it rains, the campsites do get quite muddy, so please be careful and aware of this. The huts located on the Whanganui River are at Whakahoro (10 Beds), John Coull (24 Beds), and Tieke Kainga (20 Beds). Tieke also has a Whare Kai (dining hall). We also have the option on the Whanganui River journey of a private campsite and cabins across the river from Tieke Kainga campsite on your last night on the river. We are very good friends with the owners who take special care of our tourists. Please ask about this cool place, which has hot showers available. I will make the booking for you and you pay me so that it is stress-free. This lovely place is located in the middle of bush and everything has to be brought in by jet boat. They also have horses, cows, deer, etc. on the property (if you can’t cope with cow poop which may be around please book the Tieke DoC campsite.


    There are many options in the area, including Bed and Breakfasts and Motels. For a remote and peaceful retreat to stay at, contact: Riverview Homestay - Our Home away from Home. We have a King unit with its own deck overlooking the Whanganui River, and a Queen Unit. Contact us at 0800 CANOE4U or tmncanoehire@xtra.co.nz

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